Community solar commitment

By filling out this form, you take the first big step towards signing up for community solar and committing to fight climate change. This is not an actual legal contract. In order to subscribe to a community solar project, you will need to sign a separate subscription contract.

All fields are required. If you don't have your utility account number, you may still submit the form and we'll follow up with you later.

Personal information

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Terms of agreement

Yes! I commit to signing up for a community solar project in my area if the following conditions are met. I understand that I am making a good faith commitment without any legal obligation, and will need to sign a new subscription agreement if I want to enroll in a project.

Fixed Price. My price at signup will be at least a 5% discount against the current utility rate to compare. My purchase grows the Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund, which helps low and moderate income members of our community also participate in solar projects.

Annual Price Increase. My rate will not increase more than 2% a year. Two percent is less than or about the same as the current US inflation rate.

Cancellation Fee. If I break the subscription without notice, the fee will be less than $500. There is no cancellation fee if I move from the utility territory and give at least 60 days advance notice.

Solar Project Start Date. The project will start producing power for me before September, 2018.

Term. The contract will allow me to lock in my rate for at least 15 years.

Bonus! By agreeing to this commitment, you are exempt from any potential future membership fees. Neighborhood Sun will soon become a membership organization, focused on protecting the interests of our members first and foremost.